Why You Need A Lexington KY AC Tune-Up

Paying a little now on AC maintenance could save you lots later. If you want to buy a house, you must make sure the unit is in good condition by getting it serviced annually. It may cost at least $125 to have an air conditioning service after every six months or so, but if your AC unit breaks down because it was not serviced, you would have to spend thousands on repairs.

Servicing your AC regularly does not guarantee that it will break down after a year or so. If you maintain it, you can use the unit until its life expectancy of about ten years expires.

Should You Need To Maintain Your AC Unit?

Many people do not think that AC unit maintenance is necessary, but it could save you money in the long run because an air conditioning system that is properly maintained will keep your energy bills low and your house cool during the hot summer days when you need it. Most people choose to have their AC unit inspected at least once a year. Replacing an air conditioning system is not cheap, which makes maintaining the old one even more important.

You may want to hire someone who has experience working with your particular model of AC unit because some models need special treatment and you could damage the unit if you do not follow all safety precautions. You should also keep in mind that you can maintain the unit yourself if you feel like it.

Hire A Professional AC Tune-Up

If you want to hire an AC maintenance team that provides more on AC care and maintenance, be sure they are insured and use good quality equipment; otherwise, the services could be useless or even dangerous for your home. Ask for references and be sure to inquire about their specific experience. Check the air conditioner before they leave to see if everything is in working order, check if they are unplugged or covered your outdoor unit when it was not working. It would also be a good idea to get at least three estimates before hiring anyone for this type of work.

Just as you would interview a contractor, it is important to talk with your prospective AC professional before agreeing to any work. Ask about their experience and qualifications or those of the service technicians they employ. Inquire if they are members of trade organizations or offer warranties on their services, especially for new air conditioners. Most importantly, make sure the company has the certification and insurance coverage they need to work on your HVAC system.